Themes and Projects

Both ENDS activities are organized around themes and specific projects (or programmes) clustered into five main themes: Food Sovereignity, International Capital Flows, Sustainable Landuse, Urban Sustainability, and Water Management. Activities include service and strategic support to and cooperation with grassroots organisations worldwide, research, lobby and advocacy. Most programmes stretch over several years and are initiated by Both ENDS itself. Funding is provided by a variety of private foundations and institutional donors.

Sustainable Landuse

  • 2003 - Factor 4 Project on renewable raw materials, non-timber forest products and agroforestry
  • 2004 - Desertification: Enhancing NGO involvement in the CCD process
  • NEW - Drynet submitted 070618
  • NEW Global research initiative to fight land degradation in new EU-funded project: DESIRE submitted 070614
  • NEW Local experiences shape the adaptation debate submitted 071105
  • African Smallholders in Focus
  • Artisanal and small scale mining: Association for Responsible Mining
  • Desertification: eniD - The european networking initiative on Desertification/UNCCD
  • Dutch import of biomass: Point of view of producing countries on the sustainability of biomass exports updated 070502
  • Green Coast - For Nature and People after the Tsunami
  • International Analogue Forestry Network
  • International Flower Campaign
  • Local Contributions to the Rio Conventions
  • NTFP Exchange Programme Southeast Asia
  • Palm Oil and Sustainable Development
  • Resource Centre Sustainable Land Use
  • TerrAfrica

Cases in Encyclopedia:
  • Analog Forestry replaces cattle ranging and logging
  • Blocking the pro-GMO move in South Africa
  • Certified Green Gold
  • Counter Mapping (World Wide)
  • Development of local seed systems in Zambia
  • Dryland Agriculture Management and Group Dynamics
  • Eco Development Plan for the 14 Gaon Area, India
  • Farmers control Agricultural Research
  • From spectators to managers of tropical forests, Ghana
  • Holistic approach to dryland agriculture
  • Improving women’s position by composting
  • Indigenous Territorial Autonomy in the Colombian Amazon Rainfore
  • Intangible Zones, Ecuador
  • Integrated Crop Management as Alternative in Dryland Conditions
  • Integrating Alternative Energy Solutions into Rural Sri Lanka
  • Landless and land-owners share solutions
  • Linking Law and Forest Conservation
  • Mercury contamination of an ecosystem
  • Mimicking the Forest
  • Non-timber Forest Products
  • People, Governments and Parks in Kaduna State, Nigeria
  • Polyculture in the Brazilian Drylands
  • Protecting Native Lands
  • Reindeer herds in Scandinavian forests
  • Showing the way out of the debt-trap
  • Sustainable management of Natural Resources
  • Sustainable management of the Waza-Logone floodplain, Cameroon
  • Tapping climatic variation for dryland restoration
  • The Politics of Environment
  • The Struggle for Indigenous Rights
  • What is Sustainable Development?
  • Women, politics and NTFPs

Food Sovereignty

  • Dutch Soy Coalition (Nederlandse Sojacoalitie)
  • Food sovereignty
  • Shrimp farming in Nigeria?
  • Soy Resource Centre: Literature

Cases in Encyclopedia:
  • As Mãos que Alimentam a Nação – The hands that feed the nation
  • Blocking the pro-GMO move in South Africa
  • Development of local seed systems in Zambia
  • Farmers control Agricultural Research
  • Five Year Freeze
  • Local seed supply systems challenge GMOs
  • Organic pest management success
  • Revitalising Traditional Medicine in Uganda

Water Management

  • 2004 - Assessing feasibility of public private partnerships in the provision of drinking water services
  • 2006 - 4th World Water Forum: Big Is No Longer Beautiful in Global Water Policy
  • Local Contributions to the Rio Conventions
  • NEW Effective gender mainstreaming in water management: From guidelines to practice submitted 2007-02-12
  • EU-ACP Water Facility
  • Integrating Local Action within the international Dialogue on Water Food and Environment
  • Monitoring the CSD
  • Rios Vivos Coalition
  • River Basin Development: A Negotiated Approach
  • The Initiative for Integration of Regional Infrastructure in South America (IIRSA) submitted 2007-02-20
  • WCD in the Netherlands

Cases in Encyclopedia:
  • Community manages coral reefs
  • Consolidating the Subaks
  • Fluvial Fishing Project
  • Holistic approach to dryland agriculture
  • No Way, Hidrovia Waterway
  • Permanent solution of water scarcity
  • Restoring degraded watersheds and securing livelihoods
  • Revival of Boran institutions in the Ewaso river basin
  • Rio Tarcoles initiates common Central American policy for water
  • Saving the Nile River
  • Successful Campaigning Against Large Dams
  • Taking energy to the people
  • Tradition Regulates Fishing
  • Upstreaming alternatives

International Capital Flows & Trade

  • The Initiative for Integration of Regional Infrastructure in South America (IIRSA)
  • African smallholders in focus. A voice in EU trade policy - a dialogue oriented public advocacy
  • Export credits and credit insurances (ECAs)
  • Monitoring of international financial institutions, ultimately aiming for reform: MFI project
  • NGO participation in international trade negotiations; EPAs and the WTO
  • The Clean Development Mechanism
  • Update! Trade Matters

Cases in Encyclopedia:
  • Large-scale gold mining displaces local communities
  • Saving the Nile River
  • Successful Campaigning Against Large Dams

  • Bulyanhulu
  • Rosia Montana
  • Sakhalin Project
  • Alto Chicama

Urban Sustainability

  • Archives: Urban Agriculture

Cases in Encyclopedia:
  • ANCE, a spider in the environmental web of Togo
  • Growing Food in Havana, Cuba
  • Hydroponic Gardens in Lima, Peru