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Resource Centre Sustainable Land Use (sustainable landuse)

Sustainable Land Use has been a key theme for Both ENDS since its inception. Over the years, Both ENDS' main focus has been community-based initiatives for Ecological Restoration, the development of user friendly techniques to support communities in Land Rights negotiations, capacity building in cultivation, harvesting and marketing of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) and increasing the knowledge and action radius of CSOs in the field of Land Degradation and Desertification. Recently, promotion of sustainable production and trade in the flower sector has become an additional element within the theme of Sustainable Land Use.

There are numerous organisations that seek to counter the ongoing downward spiral of land and forest degradation and poverty. Both ENDS supports and presents land Use strategies that are tangible options for local people-led land resources management. These case examples help to understand how local people and other change agents, including governments, MFIs, donors and academic institutions can contribute to capacity building and an enabling environment for the development and implementation of economically viable and sustainable options for land use that respect people's livelihoods.

This Resource Centre is meant to make all our information on sustainable land Use collected over the years, and still being collected, available to whoever needs it. For example, Both ENDS has employed the Encyclopaedia of Sustainability as a framework to document, share and advocate inspiring examples. Most of these initiatives are now in a development phase in which they can serve as inspiring examples to other organisations and can become a basis for policy development. In this Centre you will find all cases related to sustainable land use under 'Case studies'.

For more information, please contact: Marie José van der Werff ten Bosch, Both ENDS, desertification(at)