Strategic Cooperation

2003 - Factor 4 Project on renewable raw materials, non-timber forest products and agroforestry (sustainable landuse)

The objective is to make available an inventory of bottlenecks, needs and opportunities to promote sustainable production and improved market access of renewable raw materials from developing countries and propositions for improvement current mechanisms for improving current systems.

The report focuses notably on the Dutch market. However, in a number of instances, the report takes a broader perspective. And this is not surprising as important bottlenecks hampering producers from developing countries to gain market access are specifically related to EU regulations.

The inventory is based on three case studies of renewable products. It focuses on so called Non-Timber Forest Products (in short NTFPs). NTFPs offer developing countries interesting opportunities for export within the region and to Europe.

The selected NTFP products are:
Rattan: an example of a NTFP from Kalimantan, Indonesia. Much information and experience has been collected within the context of the Both ENDS/ProFound supported 'Rattan project' in Kalimantan which has been designed to simultaneously promote sustainable exploitation of forest resources and income generation;
Coconut: an example of a natural product, of which almost every part can be used. If exploited in a sustainable way, it is an outstanding example of a renewable product;
FGP tea: tea produced in the Forest Gardens of Sri Lanka. Forest Garden Products (FGPs) are being certified as both organic (free of pesticides and chemical fertiliser) and completely environmentally friendly.

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Overview of organisations in The Netherlands providing information and services relating to renewable raw materials, NTFPs and agroforestry (pdf pp 5)