Strategic Cooperation / Policy Development

Rios Vivos Coalition (water management)

Rios Vivos Coalition is one of the most important Latin America's networks. Besides the local support, it counts on the help of members of NGOs from Europe and United States. Many private and public organizations, research institutes, traditional and indigenous communities are involved with Rios Vivos' targets.

Currently Rios Vivos is an organization concerned with broader issues, either regarding the issues or the members involved on the tasks. Rios Vivos supports not only issues related to the Prata River Basin but, also, acts and articulate in the Amazonian Basin in Brazilian and Bolivian territory. The Coalition has several members from Latin American countries and is a reference for civil society.

Nowadays, the Coalition works on other megaprojects such as: the Yacaretá and Porto Primavera Dams; the Araguaia - Tocantins Waterway in the Amazonian Basin and the Bolivia - Brazil pipeline. Rios Vivos also comprehended the need of a profound analysis of the current developmental paradigm responsible of promoting infra - structural projects, looking for alternative sustainable development answers for each region.

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Report of the II Congress, December 2002, Goiania, Goias - Brazil