Strategic Cooperation

NEW - Drynet submitted 070618 (sustainable landuse)

Drynet: a global initiative, giving future to drylands

Due to current climatic changes and destructive land use, land is degrading faster then ever, increasing the amount of drylands around the globe. Both ENDS, together with 13 civil society organisations, from all over the world have started working together to combat land degradation in an EU-funded project called: Drynet.

Drynet goals

Drynet's aim is to: strengthen civil society networks with the right knowledge and visibility to influence dryland development policies.

The Drynet approach

Drynet sets forth on the recognition that desertification and land degradation is a major economic, social and environmental problem of concern to many countries in all regions of the world. The project is based on an integrated approach to the problem, emphasizing action to promote sustainable development at the community level and linking this to policy level.

For more information, please check: or download the project summary here