Standard Information Service

Both ENDS provides ongoing services to environmental organisations in the South and in CEE-countries. In this section information is provided on a number of environmental topics, issues of capacity building, funding opportunities and facts about fundraising. For official publications please check the section on publications on this website (see the red navigation area).

Thematic Information Resources:
  • Information Packages on a wide range of topical environment issues. These packages have been written mainly for Southern NGOs.
  • Briefing Papers present information on important environmental and developmental issues (in pdf-format).
  • Working Paper present preliminary and unpolished results of analysis that are circulated to encourage discussion and comment (in pdf-format).
  • Policy Notes tackle current policy issues in the field of environment and development and present both information on and alternatives to standard policy solutions (in pdf-format).
  • Information Fact Sheets which provide provide brief overviews and contacts about environmental topics and capacity building.
  • Collections of information Resources. At the moment two collections are available: resources on soy and resources on sustainable land use.
  • Information Newsletters which provide information on web-based resources on selected topics of development and environment.
Resources on Donors and Funding Opportunities

The Donor Newsletters provide information on funding opportunities in the field of development and environment
NEW: Donor Newsletter # 3-2007 Small Grants Programmes pdf-file (20071229)

Also available are General Overviews which provide extensive information on Funding Agencies
Overview of Agencies that fund Activities related to Biodiversity Protection: in pdf-format
Version Français (format-pdf)

Resources on fund-raising

Fact-sheets on fundraising - Teknik Fund-raising dalam Bahasa Indonesia - Hojas Informativas sobre la Recaudación de Fondos - Feuillets d'information sur la recherche de fonds

Newsletter Facts on Fund-raising - Boletín Hojas Informativas sobre la Recaudación de Fondos

Selected local funding opportunities