Thematic Information Resources

Information Packages in html-format and pdf-format: (8 to 25 pages)

Desertification pdf-format
Sustainable Energy pdf-format
Dams and Environment pdf-format
Coastal Zone Management pdf-format
under revisionMining
Gender, Environment and Development pdf-format
under revisionTrade and Environment
Local Forest Management pdf-format
Multilateral Financial Institutions
pdf-format - russian version
Analog Forestry pdf-format
River Management, The case of the Rhine pdf-format
Gene-Technology pdf-format
Natural Disaster Management pdf-format
The Cotonou Agreement pdf-format
The Rio Conventions pdf-format see also Working Paper no. 1
Sustainable production of cut flowers pdf-format - Producción Sostenible de Flores
Negotiations: Negotiated Approach and Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue pdf-format
Pest control in cut flowers pdf-format

Both ENDS Briefing Papers present information on important environmental and developmental issues.
Readers are encouraged to quote or use material from the briefing papers for their own publications or articles, but we would like to request acknowledgement and a copy of the publication.

NEW Briefing Paper January 2008: Towards Sustainable International Capital Flows (pdf-format pp 24)
Briefing Paper August 2007: Adapting to climate change: How local experiences can shape the debate (pdf-format pp 19)
Briefing Paper January 2007: Balancing Risks: What Export Credit Agencies can do for sustainable development (pdf-format pp 26)

Working Papers present preliminary and unpolished results of analysis that are circulated to encourage discussion and comment. Quotation and other uses of a Both ENDS Working Paper should take account of its draft character. The series provides a fast-turn-around outlet for work in progress and research carried out by Both ENDS staff, often in cooperation with partner organisations. The findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in this paper are entirely those of the author(s) and should not be attributed in any manner to partners and/or donors or its affiliated organisations.

Working Paper Series October 2007 (3): Water Markets and Market Mechanisms (pdf-format pp 69)
Working Paper Series December 2006 (2): Effective gender mainstreaming in water management for sustainable livelihoods: From guidelines to practice (pdf-format pp 31)
Working Paper Series April 2005 (1): Local contributions to the Rio Conventions (pdf-format pp 54)

Policy Notes tackle current policy issues in the field of environment and development and present both information on and alternatives to standard policy solutions.
They are written for policy makers and stakeholders both in government and civil society who are working in the specific field covered by the note. The policy notes are written by Both ENDS staff, drawn on the experiences and dialogues with our partners in the South and complemented by outside knowledge.

Policy Note March 2008: Agrofuels and land distribution: Towards a rights based approach to food security (pdf-format pp 7)
Policy Note September 2007: Reforming the land degradation policy agenda (pdf-format pp 8)
Policy Note August 2007: Dutch Foreign Policy and Climate Change: Meeting the Challenges (pdf-format pp 9)
Policy Note January 2007: Atradius DSB and the Dutch government What they can do for sustainable development (pdf-format pp 5)

Information Fact Sheets in html-format and pdf-format (7 to 15 pages)

Urban Agriculture pdf-format
Environmental Education pdf-format
Online Advocacy pdf-format
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation pdf-format

Collections of Resources:

Resources on Soy
Resource Centre Sustainable Land Use

The Information Newsletters provide information on web-based information sources in the field of development and environment:

Information Newsletter Toxics, Pesticides & Hazardous Waste pdf-format
Information Newsletter Environmental Law Organisations pdf-format
Information Newsletter Pastoralism & Mobile Communities pdf-format

Information Sheet News & Journalism (html)
Information Sheet Capacity Building (html)
Information Sheet Wetlands (html)

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