We offer free or at low cost for Southern NGOs:
books on topical environment issues
funding and resource guides
brochures and booklets on topical issues

Books on topical issues:

Soja doorgelicht De schaduwzijde van een wonderboon (2006)

River Basin Management: A Negotiated Approach - River Basin Management: A Negotiated Approach, this book sets out to present and discuss innovative approaches to river basin management. (2005)

Bosques para el Futuro Estrategias locales para la Protection de los Bosques, el Bienestar Economico y la Justitia Social (2003)

Fuel for Change: World Bank Energy Policy - Rhetoric and Reality. With case studies from the Third World and CEE countries, this book adds to the pressure on the World Bank to shift its capital lending and advice on policy towards sustainable energy (2000)

Questioning the Growth Model analyses the core ideas on development underlying the policies and practices of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (1999)

Forests for the Future Local Strategies for Forest Protection, Economic Welfare and Social Justice (1999)

Funding and resource guides:

Green and Grey below Sea Level An access Guide to Environmental and Development Organisations in the Netherlands. 5th revised edition (2005)

Facts on Fundraising In this booklet you will find some general guidelines on how to proceed while writing a fundraising application (2004)
Versión Espagnol: Hechos sobre la Búsqueda de Financiamiento

Saving our Soils Raising Funds for the Struggle Against Desertification (1997)

Brochures and booklets on topical issues:

NEW: Adapting to climate change How local experiences can shape the debate (2007)

NEW!! Trade Matters: The flower industry in Kenya and Ethiopia (2007)

Balancing Risks What Export Credit Agencies can do for sustainable development (2007)

Trade Matters: Illegal logging and the trade with Europe (2006)

Trade Matters: Fisheries in Senegal (2005)
Nouveau Version Français: Affaires de commerce! La Pêche au Sénégal et en Mauritanie

Trade Matters: The export of dairy products to Burkina Faso and Tanzania (2005)
Nouveau Version Français: Affaires de commerce! L’exportation de produits laitiers au Burkina Faso et en Tanzanie

The Clean Development Mechanism The difficult balance between Dutch climate policy and sustainable development in the South (2004)

A World of Experience: Selected Cases from the Encyclopedia of Sustainability (2002)

Annual Reports:

Both ENDS Annual Report 2006 (pdf-en pp 28)

Taking Action to Empower Civil Society Both ENDS Policy Plan 2006 - 2009 (pdf-en pp 15)

Electronic documents:

Comprehensive Environmental Projects: Linking Adaptation to Climate Change, Sustainable Land Use, Biodiversity Conservation and Water Management (2004), by Ana Victoria Rojas Blanco