Strategic Cooperation

Both ENDS maintains a long-term working relationship with some 50 organisations worldwide working on issues such as sustainable land use and river basin management as well as the impact of capital flows. Therefore Both ENDS actively cooperates with and provides services for organisations and strategic networks. Among our working partners are: the Rios Vivos Coalition (South America), Save the Narmada Campaign (India), the CEE Bankwatch Network (Eastern Europe), Oilwatch (Worldwide), Fern (Europe), Gene technology Platform (Netherlands) and ECA-Watch (Worldwide), International Analog Forestry Network (Worldwide) and the NTFP network (South East Asia).


Sustainable Landuse
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Food Sovereignty
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Water Management
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International Capital Flows & Trade
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Export credits and credit insurances (ECAs) | more
NGO participation in international trade negotiations; EPAs and the WTO | more

Urban Sustainability
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