Strategic Cooperation

International Analogue Forestry Network (sustainable landuse)

The International Analog Forestry Network (IAFN)

The network is a collection of local organizations around the world, who are adopting the principles of Analog Forestry and applying them to their local environment. Information is provided through the network members to interested groups from the non-profit sector, the donor community, government ministries and farmer's organizations.

Membership in the Analog Forestry Network is open to any local organization that is working with their communities in activities of agroforestry, reforestation, or biodiversity conservation and who would like to apply the techniques of Analog Forestry to their work.

The Networks goals are to:
  • exchange information and experiences
  • initiate arboreta and tree nurseries.
  • implement a five year plan aiming for all partners to be involved in the certification of 'Forest Garden Products' that will be sold for export.
Scientific Director: Dr. Ranil Senanayake 40 J Lake Drive, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka - Tel/Fax: +94-1-687.547 - E-mail:

Background information:

Analogue Forestry: An alternative to 'clear and simplify', by Ranil Senanayake in: ILEIA Newsletter, September 2000 (pdf-en pp 5)

Cases in the Encyclopedia of Sustainability:


Regional IAFN Focal Points:

  • Latin America:
    Fundación Rescate del Bosque Tropical/Rainforest Rescue
    Lorena Gamboa / Pablo Vallejo / Lorena Gamboa
    Juan León Mera No. 22-37 y Carrión, Quito - Ecuador
    Tel/Fax: 593-2-541803
  • North America:
    Falls Brook Centre
    Jean Arnold / Tegan Wong / Caitlyn Vernon
    125 South Knowlesville Road, Knowlesville, Canada E7L 1B1
    Tel: +1 506 375 8143; Fax: +1 506 375 4221
  • Asia:
    Neo-Synthesis Research Centre
    Ms. Kamal Melvani / Dr. Ranil Senanayake
    18/20 Muhandivam Dabare Mawatha, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka
    Tel/Fax: 94-1-596797; Fax: 00 94 1 4303927
  • Europe: Both Ends
    Maaike Hendriks / Marie-José van der Werff ten Bosch
    Nieuwe Keizersgracht 45, 1018 VC Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Tel: 31-20-6230823; Fax: 31-20-6208049

Other IAFN Members:
  • Arbofilia
    P.O. Box 512, Tibas 1100, Costa Rica
    Miguel Soto Cruz
    email: (general) (analog forestry)
    Tel/Fax: 506-2-407145
    Manuel Huaya Panduro
    Av. General Santa Cruz 550, Jesus Maria, Lima 11 - Peru
  • Fundación Amigos del Chocó
    Nicolás Cock Duque
    Calle 4 sur # 43 A - 195, Oficina 109, Medellín, Colombia
    Tel: 57 4 561 8227
  • Eco Era - Costa Rica
  • Counterpart International
    Ellie Brown
    1200 18th Street, NW, Suite 1100, Washington DC 20036, USA
  • Environmental Management Unit (EMU)- Monash University
  • John Jack
  • Forest Garden Product Certification Service
    J. Jeganathan
    Ritchlyn, Welmada Rd, Bandarawela, Sri Lanka
  • Lanka Organics - Sri Lanka
  • Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific (AFAP)
    Dr. Kevin Vang
  • Counterpart International - Phillipines
    Mr. Learnado Chui