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The Clean Development Mechanism (international capital flows & trade)

Dutch climate policy is based on agreements set out in the Kyoto Protocol and associated agreements within the European Union. The Netherlands has committed itself to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by six percent between 2008-2012, compared to emission figures in 1990. The Kyoto Protocol allows industrialised countries to realise their reduction target figures partly by financing solutions abroad. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is one of the flexible mechanisms designed specifically for that purpose. By financing emission reduction in developing countries, industrialised countries can acquire emission rights. In the latter half of the 1990s, the Dutch government decided to realise half of its reduction target abroad. The majority of that target will be achieved by using CDM.

CDM is a new climate policy instrument which first came into being in the wake of the Kyoto Protocol. The exact form and content of this instrument are being developed in practice. As the Netherlands is one of the first investors in CDM projects, proper attention for this complex subject matter is of the utmost importance. Developments in the Netherlands set an international example. This brochure is a way of contributing to CDM development from the perspective of sustainable development in the South.

More information:

Brochure: The Clean Development Mechanism: The difficult balance between Dutch climate policy and sustainable development in the South

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The (free) brochure can be ordered by sending an e-mail via info@bothends.org or via the publications section on this site.

Also available: Clean Development Mechanisms: Lessons from the Dutch approach?

Internet resources:

CDM Watch is an international environmental organisation focusing on the CDM. The site also offers many relevant links.

SinksWatch an initiative to track and scrutinize carbon sink projects. The focus of SinksWatch is on tree plantation sinks projects, particularly in areas where land tenure and land use rights are in dispute.

CDM Information on the website of the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment about its CDM policy

Website about the CDM Gold Standard initiative; the ‘Project Design Document’ can be downloaded here, among other information.

Official CDM website of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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