One-to-one assistance
Environment organisations in the South and CEE-countries may apply for individual assistance in:

project formulation, fund-raising and information gathering
support in lobby and campaigning

Eligible are environment NGOs/CBOs and networks in the South and CEE-countries working on initiatives which:

are strategically important
show a clear vision on sustainable development
are embedded in a local agenda

Send your request along with a project proposal and details on your organisation to us by e-mail.


Both ENDS is NOT a funding agency, but can provide assistance to local groups in fund-raising for environmental projects. We are a small organisation with restricted personnel and financial means which implies that we have to be very critical in our assessments of requests.

If you would like to receive more specific information on Both ENDS, donít hesitate to contact us again. When asking for specific assistance, it would be helpful if you could send a project proposal that sets out specific activities, rather than an entire programme of activities. We have to emphasise that we can only provide assistance to you, if a project relates specifically to environmental issues.

Please also take note of our specific themes: Sustainable Land Use (with a special emphasis on ecological restoration, non-timber forest products, land rights, desertification, and natural resources management), Water Management (especially integrated river basin management and natural resources management), Food Sovereignty, International Capital Flows, and Urban Sustainability as well as the interconnection between them.

Through direct collaboration with Southern organisations, Both ENDS tries to increase the impact of its lobby and advocacy efforts, to enhance capacity- and institution building within NGOs and to enlarge the NGO-outreach in the North.


In order to assess how best we can assist you, we first need to know more about your organisation and your projects. Therefore we kindly ask you to cover the following points (where relevant) in your submission:
  1. Could you give us some more information about your organisation such as the history of your organisation, its goals, local context etc.
  2. Does your organisation have contacts with other organisations (NGOs, community-based organisations, public organisations etc.) that work on the same issue(s) at local, national and international level?
  3. Does your organisation maintain contacts/relationships with any donor agency at national and/or international level?
  4. Has the project under discussion already been presented to donor agencies? Did any of them show interest in possible financial support?
  5. What are your current projects and what is the size of the budgets?
  6. Besides assistance in fund-raising, is there any other kind of support you are looking for, for example advice in the formulation of project proposals, specific information on environmental themes and/or contacts with similar organisations?
As mentioned before, Both ENDS is not a funding agency and therefore we are not in a position to provide any kind of financial support.