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Some explanation and hints:

There are three search options:
  1. All: If you choose this one the search engine will find all words you type in the same page.
    (Meaning a logical AND. Ex: "oil AND Nigeria")
  2. Any: Now you will get pages with any of the words you searched for.
    (Meaning a logical OR. Ex: "oil OR Nigeria")
  3. Boolean: Here you can tell the search engine to leave out pages with certain words.
    (Meaning logical NOT. Ex. "oil NOT Nigeria").
So if you combine these three you can for example try a search like this:
"oil AND (oilwatch OR Nigeria) NOT Norway"

You can also truncate a word by using the asterisk *. Searching for "eco*" will give you ecorates, economy, ecosophy etc. English common word endings will be added automatically.