Baobab Connections


Connecting young people from Africa, Europe and the rest of the world on issues of globalisation. Interlinking for transfigurative action.

Underlying thinking and strategy:

Young people are the future leaders, but are often neglected in decision making structures. Still, those people are the ones that in one way or the other, need to cope with the mess, that we as adults leave behind in the world.

Strategy: Global online network that publishing vital information-ideas and doing positive projects on the ground involving young people. The marketing and branding is crucial in this project, because that is the way the youth is reached. We furthermore use the element of culture and art because we are convinced that those elements draw the attention to young people and open their minds. Young people will only change their behaviour, when they feel that it is possible to improve their situation and when they are able to "forget", for a moment, their daily struggle for survival.

Activities :

On line: magazine, competitions, forumdiscussions

Off line: meetings, discussions, workshops, thematic-gatherings, local projects.


Partners: Yole Africa (Uganda), Contact SA (South Africa), Aangserian (Tanzania), Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Ghana

Partners in the Netherlands: MoveYourWorld, African, Music Mayday, jeugdraad, etc..